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Mortgage Refinance

Refinance Home Loans

You may be looking to refinance your home loan in order to get a better interest rate, or better service or a longer IO period or in order to get access to the equity that you have built up. These are all perfectly valid reasons to do a home loan refinance.  While a refinance can […]

first home buyers

First Home Buyers Home Loans

Buying your first home can be very stressful and intimidating. Do you know that mortgage brokers need a diploma and two years on the job experience before they can offer you advice. So do you really think that you can learn all there is to know about home finance in a few days or even […]

Construction / Renovation Home Loans

If you are building a new home or making substantial changes to an existing home ( change the roof line eg: add a room ) then you need to obtain a construction loan. Not all lenders offer construction and of those that do, most offer at a higher interest rate and with additional fees. These […]

Interest Only Home Loans – (IO)

When you take out a loan one obvious condition of the mortgage is that you must repay it eventually. Most people do this with Principal and Interest loans ( P&I ). However investors who are using a negative gearing strategy prefer to keep the debt in place as long as they can in order to […]

Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans

Fixed interest rate home loans are very different to variable rate loans. Obviously the interest rate is fixed and does not move either up or down. So if you fix and variable rates fall then you are theoretically losing but if variable rates rise you win. In reality it’s best not to think if fixed […]

 Variable Interest Rate Home Loans

Variable interest rate home loans are the most common of all mortgages. The interest rate is loosely based on the RBA cash rate plus a margin of around 3 percent, however most lenders then offer discounts which will bring this margin back to between 2 and 2.50 percent. The RBA have a monthly meeting to […]

Mortgage Brokers - the benfits

Benefits of Using a Mortgage broker

There are many benefits of using a Mortgage Broker, but you need to be confident that the one you deal with is acting in your best interests. In recent times there has been some negative press about a few individuals who haven’t put the clients interests first. This is a shame as most of the […]

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